Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Kasia!!!

Dearest Kasia,
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
On this special day, where a magnificent being was born named Kasia, I wish you all the joy that you were born as. I wish you to feel into the stillness, and let the joy and love you are, flow over, like a perpetual spring of water emanating from the mountain of your heart.
I wish for your body and mind to bathe eternally in these loving waters, and that should someone act around you from a place of unconsciousness, in an angry or mean way, that you remain resting in love, so your spring will gently flow over them, and they will, without knowing why, be calmed and moved to higher ground, a more restful, peaceful state.
May this unlimited power of your heart guide each decision you make, may you be surrounded by people of intensely heating love, so you may bask easily in the warmth you are. May people see you, and be attracted to you for what you Truly Are- Love Divine.
Always loving you in this manner, knowing that you feel into this at times,

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